Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We all have a little bit of madness within us; just a few make a living of it.

  Most of us look for a steady source of income; relating that to a sense of security, most of us also look into a career or trade that will not make us risk too much, either by keeping us developing skills that we already have or just by keeping us comfy on to an office chair with a computer in front of us, and the doughnuts in the break rooms.
  But just a few; decide to either think differently; or they are so out of their mind that they come to work every day not knowing what they are going to make; and risking their own bodies to perform a good enough show, so they can take a few bills home. The trade? they get to be pretty much free of bosses, office environment, and they can schedule their day as they pleased; or so I assume; because behind this madness I can see a little bit of the rewards of thinking and acting differently. This is the atmosphere you breath every dusk at the Sunset Celebration on Key West.

 Soundtrack "Modus Operandis" by Photek