Friday, October 29, 2010

In New Orleans

There is no need to wait for Halloween, people wear their creativity on their sleeve every single day.

I love New Orleans!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kids+Studio Setting

 equals craziness and cuteness

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Uilleann pipes

An instrument I haven't seen before, since I am not very familiar with Celtic Music Instruments.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ACP Portfolio Review Experience- Highly Recommended

 As I got juried in to attend the ACP Portfolio Review my excitement couldn't be higher. I worked towards being ready for it and I would say I was almost there.  Below, you will find my take on what I perceived to be a very positive experience; and how this type of events might affect the level of your work if you are trying to be a solid and strong photographer.
  I want to make clear that the numbered points below are related to my personal experience, and my own level of expectations; which at this point in my career were completely full filled, I was not going in it with the idea in my head of striking a gallery deal or being catapulted to stardom (This has happened for sure with some photographers). But what I was after was to get some insightful comments and reactions to my work from  people who live, breathe and move within higher levels of the photography world, which will give me the tools to keep on moving forward.

       1.- In my personal opinion; my work is still evolving, on how cohesive it looks, for me this always presents a challenge; well, with four different people looking at what I brought, and all conveying at one point or another that symbolism, and thoughtfulness was my personal trade, definitely opened up my mind regarding to what I am doing; this comment and understanding that not everything has to look the same way, as long as this personal trade I am showing ties them up together, I will be OK. So, to summarize, a conglomerate of experienced eyes looking at your work will transfer in a new level of direction you can take with what you already have.
       2.- Meeting people who can be your advisor or connection; THIS IS KEY.  Since you never know when any of them might help you to get the foot in the door. At ACP you choose your reviewers so I decided to get two local reviewers and two from outside of Atlanta that I felt could understand my work better. This was intentionally done to plant seeds within my immediate environment, and later to branch out if possible, a move that proved to be  useful, since I am able to  keep in touch with most of them, and their field of expertise was a match to what I am doing.
Note: I am somewhat aware that in bigger Portfolio Reviews the case of being able to choose your reviewers is different, and probably you might not get a good match.
       3.- Listening to the not so good you are doing. HIGHLY IMPORTANT. So you avoid doing it again. 
       4.- Opening up your eyes what everybody else is doing. Among photographers that were present there, I can say that there were at least 4 that have gotten very important recognition or prizes Internationally and nationally. So, peeking in how they produce their imagery; was an enlightening experience.  Well, and meeting them was out of this world. Again an opportunity to a face to face networking.
       5.- ACP out of all of the renown portfolio review venues is very affordable, It is here in Atlanta, and the jury process make it a safe place to showcase your work, because  you rarely see a not well presented work among yours.
       6.- Listening carefully to what you need to absorb and what might not apply to your vision  is key; in other words; make sure that you really take the experience with a grain of salt.

       7.- Understanding were you are standing,what you have walked, and what is the road ahead is massively important; now I know i am getting started, I am developing and that I will let at least a couple of more years to go by before I attempt to do this again, and I will try to shoot for PhotoNola or the LA Review. In the meantime my head is still absorbing what I have experienced and learned this last 2 weeks. There are people who are talented, grab a camera and they can produce perfect masterpieces just like that. In my case is not like that, I need to keep working on it. If you have a vision, pursue it; and I believe that attending at least once to this type of event, will help you on obtaining it.

This is the link of the promotional email within the festival with a little promotion for yours truly.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Vault

A moment in time trapped by a building, the Library which got built to fulfill a non segregated environment; where knowledge is protected by a strong geometry, by the sense of solemnity, where a worshiping atmosphere that enlighten citizens of  Atlanta is always present; from the construction details, to the soft entry and bouncing of the light.

 These were some of the shots that got selected for the Marcel Breuer Photography competition in Atlanta. 

It has been a very intense couple of weeks, and I will post tomorrow my experience at the portfolio review and all the good and bads it brought with it. I am still catching up my breath with all of the activity.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

As I wait...

For my prints to come out of my printer; my anxiety level is as high as it could be....
This week is very exciting and stressful at the same time.
Tomorrow I have an opening for a Juried exhibit where I was able to get 3 images in....
On Thursday The announcement of the winners for the Marcel Breuer  Photography Competition will be announced, I already got six images into that exhibit out of ten; so it looks promising; but by no means a certainty, I saw wonderful work when I dropped my images off...
And last but not least Saturday I have a portfolio review where I was able to be juried in as a participant, well I feel inadequate, insecure, and for whatever reason think that my images are just comprehended by me, and nobody else. I have read in several blogs that people tend to feel that their images might be look at as weird...that is exactly how I feel!!!
Well I just need to remember to breathe in and hope for the best!!!

The image below I took at a Tableau Vivant last Saturday, but that is kind of how I feel....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Armed and Dangerous.

As I turned around the corner and walked on Bourbon Street for the first time back in July; I had not finished to pull my camera out when somebody tapped me on my arm. I quickly turned around and this teenage boy was standing there, even though he moved forward to catch my attention, He went very shy and spoke very softly, and twice He said "Could you please take a picture of me??" When I finally caught up with what he said, my reply was obvious. "Of Course"
His first instinct was to pose with what he called "My Weapon", his trumpet, great ammo; music!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturation 2

For more that I try (unless is a comission for an event) most of the time like to capture the "mood" that bright colors in the darkness bring. Regardless of anything related to technique, how sharp, etc, etc, etc... specially when it comes from a Street Circus