Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Out

 This is the kind of white out I like, the warmer kind...
 It filters the sun, brings a statement to the change in the light hue. It is like a visual soft pillow.
 During early spring all Bradford trees are exploding with this cotton like essence; I wait all winter for this moment, since I know from that point forward wonderful weather has arrived in the South.
 I just love it, I walk around and they are everywhere, you cannot escape them.
 Makes me want to start planting, seeding, getting ready with the cooking out season.
Which I did....

Welcome Wonderful New Season!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lonely Town

Urban areas are supposed to be filled with activity and movement, specially when there are about 4 million people living in it or around it, the burst of energy on a workweek day should be intimidating and incredibly my question is; What went wrong in Atlanta? Where are the pedestrians?
 It is a city with a wonderful natural Landscape that was never used to help give the city a pedestrian friendly function; the images below are shot between Spring Rd and Peachtree Rd..(smack in the middle of Downtown) just outside of one of the Subway is about 10:00 am and it feels so much as a ghost town, as a movie stage, it seems like people do not live here..

The Buildings are getting a little bit lonely.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lost in the Forest

A tale never told....
After an outdoor session I decided to venture in.
I have been in this place before, and in my mind I could reach the ruins from this spot easily.
The magic land transported me, deeper and deeper into the woods.
All of a sudden hardly any sun; I face only catacombs forms from nature, not a soul I could hear..
I only sense the river current far below; how long has it been? 1 hour, 2 hours maybe.
I know I am going down a steep hill, I know the river awaits me, the ruins are there.
I finally get to them, but they are no the same; they are on the other side. Have I been walking around, should I cross the river? I do.
Then I finally realized I am in a completely different place,different ruins.  I loose my lens cap to the river, I slipped on to a river rock almost loosing my tripod, I am confused... I guess, I will try to find the trail that I used to get down here. I can't find it....
Frantically try to get to any foreseeable trail, I know it is no safe where I am, I have heard the stories, they warn you in the entrance...but at the end I breath; there are other people who have experienced this and shared their path of return with me...Thanks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Statue

And so I found her standing there;
I walked just by her paying attention to my equipment and didn't see her
Until I felt movement; I looked back and the statue raised her arms.
She stayed still and locked in that position for at least 3 minutes.
After that she proceeded to pray.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Serenbe Photography Center Grand Opening

  Tomorrow night, Atlanta and its vicinity will celebrate the addition of a great new installation, dedicated to everything photography; from a wonderful traditional Lab space (you can print 30X40 on Gelatin Silver if you wish, so I was t) to a digital lab. They have workshop planned for the year, and an amazing facility.
  Hope to see all the people nearby there!!!
  For more info

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I desire to be as kinetic as possible.
To vibrate and move into all directions, to be able to surpass all expectation, everything is unraveling very quickly right now, and I am catching my breath every second.For all the right reasons, continuously radiating energy  is becoming a standard.

Give your positive inner soul to everything you make, to everything you imagine, to everything you put your hands to; hopefully the turning point is just around the corner.I have been submerged in a whirlwind of things, all of them absolutely wonderful. 

However,I have not been sleeping much, producing timely is a factor in the equation, and today is hard to perform sharply, and before commencing the day, I applied this catharsis on this outlet of mine. The images come from the series called Kindred Souls (which I have partially shown on a previous post). These angels of the night are always on the move, I need to feel and breathe that movement today, even in the night time.
The last one is a resemblance of me; in a grainy, cloudy day, I am tired but my energy is still flowing as the lights still show.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lines and Circles

Working on a new session; I stumble upon these images that were part a a long walking last spring into the woods, where I found these elements.
It just made me wondering what was I trying to say visually, what was I shooting??
The lines and circles made the cut; I have completely forgotten about these.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I refuse to watch Avatar!!!

 Well, it is Oscar Night; a wonderful treat for myself (since I was a teen);I like to enjoy it comfortably, with wine, cheese and grapes, and always cheered for movies that meant something even if I didn't fully comprehended the message, instead of the usual Blockbuster that made the Academy, Hollywood and guys like Less Grossman (watch Tropic Thunder) very happy.
  This year is a very particular one, the Academy has nominated 10 movies for the first time in 43 years; and out of those 10, I have failed to watch only 2 ; The Blind Side; I din't get to it in time; and AVATAR, which I intensionally refuse to watch. Yes, I know James Cameron is a great Director, Yes I know he is pretty much a perfectionist in his craftsmanship; but honestly, can he go beyond the commercial-Blockbustery formula??? I am sick on seeing the stupidity of the tag line portrayed as something of substance, He is good as that as well....
  And so; my bets are towards the movies I particularly feel had some meat on the table...
 All of my money is on ,Kathryn Bigelow's Directing and the wonderful Script by Mark Boal in "The Hurt Locker" which sat me on my chair; if you think you knew anything about how a character evolves in a film, you were WRONG, because SSG William James gives you in the First 25 minutes of the movie the well known cocky soldier attitude that you dislike, but at the end of the film you understand him and accept who he is and absolutely respect him. Just that, and the wonderful minimalistic approach to create a war film, where even a chick like myself who cannot stand war movies enjoys, and  also gives the realistic comprehension on what a combat situation is like, This to me is worth an Oscar of the size of a House,and to top it off the Photography is spotless, the audio is excellent, and everything else in that movie screams of a near perfection film.

  My other favorites are in the following Order, Inglorious Basterds, Up in the Air,An education, District 9, and Precious with the Fantastic acting by M'onique.
All images are copyright to their respective movies.

Friday, March 5, 2010

What you find in the country...

Here we are, amidst of progress in the middle of the country.
How do we say it? Oh yes, The devil is in the details; I guess.