Monday, January 25, 2010

Color or B&W

 It is amazing, or at least for me it is, to observe other people doing or performing within the same trade you are also dedicated too.  I can detail their movement, I cannot stop marveling to the concentration and effort they put in to it. It makes me wonder whether I do it the same way, Do I look as given to the moment, to the capturing of the image to the playing with the result?

I took this image, and I cannot get to terms on which one should I stick to, is it the B&W or the vibrant Color. this moment speak to me as a reflection of all the seconds a photographer has in front of him;  but it is just one at a time he can capture.

 I usually do not like ColdPlay but I think Spies goes well with this.....


  1. You blog is absolutely stunning and I am very into photography--not very good at it, but love it despite my failings. I am a new follower and I look forward to keepingup wiht your blog. Please come by and follow back if you would like. I always love meeting new bloggers.

  2. Welcome Juliana!!!
    I am glad that you liked my images...
    I am looking forward to follow yours....