Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hut; and the Transportability Theory....

 Huts (Dwelling) are used as temporary shelter by people. Huts are quickly built of natural materials such as iceleatherfurstraw, palm leaves, branches and/or mud and exist in practically all nomadic cultures. Some huts are easily transportable. (Source Wikipedia).
  I compare huts to our brain and mind; I got to think about it due in part to the transportability aspect they can have. Our minds are built with variety of resourceful materials, they shelter us from alienation, or protect that our most basic impulses come out without crossing a wall, door or some type of frame. They (huts and heads) represent the first settlement of people on the move; which most of us are on that pattern; perhaps because you can carry it around easily.
   Ok then, since it is so important to have shelter for our thoughts, and a way to protect such way of life, intelligence, dreams, aspirations, emotions; what are we really building our Huts from? Is it really good material that can surpass any type of dynamic motion and be adaptable? Or are we just making it from the thinnest branches possible?, and the lack of  easy to carry sound structure?, just because it represents less effort to go out on the look for the good elements.
  The answer is yet to be found.

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