Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 vs. 2010

Images for the Last Sunset of 2009

Well; I have to start this post by looking back at 2009 as the year of new endeavors.
It has been an incredible journey; with lots of ups and downs;and me just trying to ride the wave.
I have achieved a lot of things, and I have missed quite a bit also; I am not going to count what I didn't do I will just cherish what I  have accomplished.
2010; will be the year that will give me the opportunity to work harder on the ground work I laid on 2009, therefore I can only look at this new year as one full of hope.
Below You can see a list of things I accomplished in 2009 vs what I am intending with all my heart to obtain in 2010. Some items are mundane, while other very personal.

In 2009 I ;
- Kept my family together (regardless of all the madness, ha!).
- Became a more attentive mother
- Found a Friend.
- Shed some weight.
-Gained some physical tone
-Participated in an Architectural Competition very successfully.
-Got selected to participate in 2 Photography Exhibits.
-Found a soul within my camera.
-Learned a lot about photographers.
-I was honored to get some of my work printed in two magazines
-Sold some original printings.
-Brought some business to our family's company.
-Reconnected with good  people from a previous life.
-Started this blog!!!

In 2010 I will;
- Keep my weight, ha!
- Love my family more every day.
- Keep myself cheerful.
-Dig deeper into photography.
-Participate in  some photography exhibits.
-Keep on selling my work.
-Read at least 10 books.
-Finish my first screen play.
-Participate in another architectural competition.
-Grow our business more.
-Be a better human being by caring for others more.
-be busy trying to achieve all of the above.

What were your resolutions for this year?

                                      Images of My First Sunrise in 2010...Looking forward to it

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