Thursday, November 19, 2009

Framing the Sky

  Architecture can defy nature and our perception of natural things surrounding us.
  It can slice; filter or make the sky bigger by reflection. Beautiful, really.
  It can have a statement of its own regardless of what it affects.
  Are we searching for a Sculpture-Architecture?; or are we trying to create in order to shelter the ones in need? Are we trying to build and not destroy everything around it?

  When I went to architectural school; never put a brick or a wall together with my own hands; it was not on the curriculum, that I can recall of course. How is that?. I can compare this to a surgeon coming out of Med School not even trying to use a scalpel before. I guess that is where the deficiency starts.

 Soundtrack " We share our Mother's Health" by The Knife.

Monday, November 16, 2009


 I just rest; and at the same time feel it.
 Wonderful thought of serenity,  the certainty; I am hurting myself.
 I do sometimes prefer to be underwater
 Time to create and reflect; even when the wound gets deeper.
 When I twist it. Am I really getting anywhere?
 Should I try to go back to the surface?
 No need for that, I think I have learned how to breathe within it.
 Survival at its best.

     Amphibian is just a Self-Portrait shot. For me it was one of the most intimate so far, part of a Self Portrait exhibit in Atlanta. You can see the whole series here.
     Soundtrack for the image. In McDonalds by Burial

Friday, November 6, 2009

Grand Concourse; Architectural Competition; Great Team Effort

Project developed in conjunction with Sandra Valenzuela

   Wonderful Experience this one was; thoughtful; creative, open, incredible rewarding, I was able to conceptualize very interesting elements. This project of Ideas was located in the Bronx; the whole thing swallowed us wonderfully. It helped me to pull myself out, Sandra was witness to that.
   The experience with my team member was very serene; even close to the mark( this is really hard to achieve when Architects work in groups); even when we lost control of the whole thing. (but that is another story) . Architecturally, this project has very interesting components; that were developed as a team effort. Overall, the theory behind it is complex, and that I believe, took us by surprise.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of Tolerance and Mutual Respect; Photography at the Pride Parade 2009.


" We as society, will not move forward (sideways or anyways for that matter) until we understand that tolerance, respect and equality ARE part of our common way of living;. Once this dust has really settled, and becomes part of the ground we walk on; only then we will achieve the best of our nature as humans." A.C.
  This quote does not mean that we are all the same, in fact we are all different and unique, but at the same time we are all equal, and we all deserve the same niche in society, the same treatment; the same opportunities, to have access to the same information, same services; to not be discriminated against, regardless of your gender, race, sexual orientation or religious belief. We all need to let be, and let the other ones be as well.
  It was very festive and inspiring for me to be at the 2009 Pride Parade; of course it was colorful, exotic and interesting; but what really got my attention was the amount of people out of the Gay community willing to support, and accept that they are fighting for that equality spot in society; and openly going out for it. There was so much diversity among the people; that it made me feel hopeful that at some point or another we might be able to get along.
   I hope my photography on that day have captured that atmosphere.


Photography taken by Marco Celis

Photography taken by Marco Celis

Photography taken by Marco Celis

Tolerance, respect and equality should be the standard for this generation and the ones to come.