Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lonely Town

Urban areas are supposed to be filled with activity and movement, specially when there are about 4 million people living in it or around it, the burst of energy on a workweek day should be intimidating and incredibly my question is; What went wrong in Atlanta? Where are the pedestrians?
 It is a city with a wonderful natural Landscape that was never used to help give the city a pedestrian friendly function; the images below are shot between Spring Rd and Peachtree Rd..(smack in the middle of Downtown) just outside of one of the Subway is about 10:00 am and it feels so much as a ghost town, as a movie stage, it seems like people do not live here..

The Buildings are getting a little bit lonely.


  1. Excellent work!!!

  2. Thanks Rosi...
    Yours is coming out wonderfully too!!!