Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lines and Circles

Working on a new session; I stumble upon these images that were part a a long walking last spring into the woods, where I found these elements.
It just made me wondering what was I trying to say visually, what was I shooting??
The lines and circles made the cut; I have completely forgotten about these.


  1. There is a song by a band called Frou Frou called "Let go" and one of the lines is "There's beauty in the breakdown". For some reason these pics remind me of that song. Very pretty!

  2. Melanie!!!
    Yep I know who you are talking about...thanks for daring to connect me to music; some of my series are connected to songs and what they represented to me.
    My Husband is a musician, and I breathe music...
    Thanks my friend.