Thursday, March 11, 2010


I desire to be as kinetic as possible.
To vibrate and move into all directions, to be able to surpass all expectation, everything is unraveling very quickly right now, and I am catching my breath every second.For all the right reasons, continuously radiating energy  is becoming a standard.

Give your positive inner soul to everything you make, to everything you imagine, to everything you put your hands to; hopefully the turning point is just around the corner.I have been submerged in a whirlwind of things, all of them absolutely wonderful. 

However,I have not been sleeping much, producing timely is a factor in the equation, and today is hard to perform sharply, and before commencing the day, I applied this catharsis on this outlet of mine. The images come from the series called Kindred Souls (which I have partially shown on a previous post). These angels of the night are always on the move, I need to feel and breathe that movement today, even in the night time.
The last one is a resemblance of me; in a grainy, cloudy day, I am tired but my energy is still flowing as the lights still show.

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