Sunday, March 7, 2010

I refuse to watch Avatar!!!

 Well, it is Oscar Night; a wonderful treat for myself (since I was a teen);I like to enjoy it comfortably, with wine, cheese and grapes, and always cheered for movies that meant something even if I didn't fully comprehended the message, instead of the usual Blockbuster that made the Academy, Hollywood and guys like Less Grossman (watch Tropic Thunder) very happy.
  This year is a very particular one, the Academy has nominated 10 movies for the first time in 43 years; and out of those 10, I have failed to watch only 2 ; The Blind Side; I din't get to it in time; and AVATAR, which I intensionally refuse to watch. Yes, I know James Cameron is a great Director, Yes I know he is pretty much a perfectionist in his craftsmanship; but honestly, can he go beyond the commercial-Blockbustery formula??? I am sick on seeing the stupidity of the tag line portrayed as something of substance, He is good as that as well....
  And so; my bets are towards the movies I particularly feel had some meat on the table...
 All of my money is on ,Kathryn Bigelow's Directing and the wonderful Script by Mark Boal in "The Hurt Locker" which sat me on my chair; if you think you knew anything about how a character evolves in a film, you were WRONG, because SSG William James gives you in the First 25 minutes of the movie the well known cocky soldier attitude that you dislike, but at the end of the film you understand him and accept who he is and absolutely respect him. Just that, and the wonderful minimalistic approach to create a war film, where even a chick like myself who cannot stand war movies enjoys, and  also gives the realistic comprehension on what a combat situation is like, This to me is worth an Oscar of the size of a House,and to top it off the Photography is spotless, the audio is excellent, and everything else in that movie screams of a near perfection film.

  My other favorites are in the following Order, Inglorious Basterds, Up in the Air,An education, District 9, and Precious with the Fantastic acting by M'onique.
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