Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Wish of Warmth and Light.

 This is the time of the year where my whole entity cries out for the return of the worshiped sun; my strongest desires are encapsulated to get the spring here quickly enough. I have been massively busy these last couple of weeks; for all good reasons; my efforts in the photography front are starting to pay off; and finally yesterday after a string of several gloomy days, we had a break in the clouds; a glorious sunny day that found me indoors  resting somewhat from all the craziness, I was experiencing the most wonderful feeling of serenity.

 From my room window I can have full extent view of the creek that runs along my house; it is running hard from all the rain, incredibly soothing melody; I just let the light in, had it as a guest, and sat down to enjoy it; it was a peaceful moment, I was absolutely elated; could not resist the temptation to visually document it.

  Are any of you missing the sun yet?

 Boards of Canada "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country"

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