Saturday, February 27, 2010

And One, Two, Three.....

Hectic week this one has been.
and I am back on the stage, as the performers you will see on this post.
My first experiences as a freelance photographer came from taking assignments for Musicians, since my significant other is one himself.
Imagine that!!!!photographers know that this is no easy task, Low light conditions, lots of movement, lots of grain....whoever can get decent shots on this atmosphere graduates on High Stress Level Photography.
I am in love with performers, the intensity level they put out is worth every effort to capture them; that is why I enjoyed so much photo shooting musicians, and street performers.
Take a look at the event I covered last week as Fundraiser for Haiti Relief efforts.


  1. Fantastic shots Aixa! I knew we chose the right photographers for the event.... Thanks for donating your time and talents to this worthy cause!

  2. My pleasure Dear Sheri...