Monday, February 8, 2010

The Fire Breather.

I while back I posted some images from this experience; however I think that I only dedicated 2 to this fellow..
These ones have not stopped amazing me, they are intense, dark, ghastly, intriguing...
I don't know, I just really look at them intensively trying to comprehend the dynamics of his work....
If you want to see the complete series on my portfolio click here
BTW; first time I do 2 articles in one day.....


  1. These are *so* cool. Beautifully shot- I can't remember if I commented last time but I saw these firedancers in Thailand once and they blew my mind. My pictures pale in comparison to your gorgeous shots, but it was still such a fun photo challenge to capture the movement of the flames. SO COOL.

    And thanks for the sweet, sweet comment about the show- you're so right, you walk into the gallery and your work kind of winks at you. So exciting!

    Big hugs, and thanks for all the support. xo

  2. OMG, That is a huge compliment!!!
    Thanks so much Lily!!!
    And I would love to see those Fire dancers!!!!
    Have you ever tried to paint them???

    And I am gearing up for a small show that includes a silent auction at the end of this month, and still trying to decide what are the pieces I am finally hanging!!!!