Thursday, February 11, 2010

60 Seconds and Beyond.

  Well, little by little I have been able to work and process most of the 1000 images I captured during my sun- loving-warm-wonderful trip to the Fl, Keys. After reviewing them again and again, I realized that they are mostly surreal like. Even the ones I took under a Realistic approach, I ended up trying to process them differently.
  Maybe I am gearing more toward a path I am unaware of just yet, we will see, is too early too tell.
  I am posting today a few images I took in the pitch black dark, by the pier that our little Motel had,no flash at all, most of them have more than 60 seconds exposure, sure they tend to be very grainy, but I like the silk-like texture the sea has, and take a look at the Heron that was in the pier in the middle of the Night, very interesting.


  1. I love the first one & the last one. Ya know what's great about art? You don't just have to have one style. If your gearing towards surreality go with it girl! See where it leads ya! =)

  2. Thanks so much Melanie!!!
    You are the one always commenting in the most out there images I post...
    ;-) Thanks so much for the support!!!!