Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Painting with Trees. (Photography Experimentation)

The air was crisp and dazzling to inhale,
A slow speed in the morning with a night time aperture?
We will see; there were trees all around, completely oblivious to the morning rush traffic.
As I was attentive to it because of my walking.
I loved the results; incredible coloring; incredible elements....They became my light filter; they painted my pictures.
First time I have played with that set up in my camera in such hours.
Great results.
All is Full of Love by Bjork


  1. great results indeed. really fantastic images.

  2. That would be a gorgeous series to frame!

  3. Thanks so much Kristin..
    I'd love to sell them if really interested ;-)..

  4. Me gustó mucho esta entrada dedicada a fitografía experimental.

    Eternal Blast, thanks to show your work.

    Un abrazo fuerte desde España!

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  6. Beatriz,

    Thanks so Much for your words,
    They mean a lot since I really admire your work.

    Saludos desde Atlanta