Wednesday, December 16, 2009

" A Few Strangers"

  Five consecutive days of NO SUN!!, give me a break; the effects were showing;  yesterday I spent it sleepwalking throughout the house, my mind was numb and the soft and non stopping little rain was holding me down, couldn't concentrate on anything!!!! and it is just December.
   After checking the weather report like 5 times; it seemed that I could venture out on Wednesday for a Photo Session in the city. I said to myself, "screw it I will go out no matter what". Well that no matter what didn't last too long today; it was freezing, the buildings were creating the most horrid wind tunnel; I could not take it; the sun was shy, not the bright and sunny 54 degrees they were announcing. I could barely push down the shutter...
   The realization that my photographic therapy was not going to work pulled me down in to a deeper shade of blue, my head was screaming COFFEE!!!!, I could not walk fast enough to make it to the next coffee shop, about two blocks away.., Oh, forgot to mention that I was dressed for a mid fifty type of day (all courtesy of the Weather Channel)..
  Finnally I made it to the place; it took me about 5 minutes to thaw out and have blood flowing through my body. Once I had my coffee and thoughts passing by my brain I realized that most likely, the best of my morning was happening right there and then.
  And softly and smoothly I started shooting anybody who didn't make eye contact with me, anybody who didn't even noticed the weapon I had in my hand (with a big zoom lens and all); they were strangers so occupied in their own reading, suffering, problems, laptops, walking, that I didn't exist to them. I said great, I do not want to be asking anybody about taking a picture of them, they will be my subjects for the day....
   Since, mostly the cold didn't allow me to move freely I felt my session today was a waste of time; I opened my images and...there they were, strangers who never saw me and that might never know that I have their secret image for that day.
As Diane Arbus used to say " a photograph is a secret about a secret, the more it tells the less you know".

  Before I go, I do have to mention, I only had one subject who posed for me openly and happily, she was aware of my presence and my movement, in the middle of the city. Hah!!

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