Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter within the City

As far as it can be seen, the city I live in is packed with trees everywhere....
I would even think that it may be one of the major metro areas in the US with the most amount of greenery and natural Landscape...
 It is winter, and in the roughest of areas the trees have gotten really sad, no vibrancy to be proud of, this is the season where concrete visually seems to be winning the battle. (most likely it has already won it), however I cannot help to see the bright element they bring to it all;  resilience, hope, protection, and the reminder that next season is around the corner, time where they will regain central stage in this unbalanced equilibrium; where they have decided to hold their ground regardless of how much we tend to destroy.
 I personally adore these images.

Wonderful track for this one.  HoneyThief by Halou


  1. these are such haunting images. really beautiful work.

  2. Thank you Monica.
    It is great that you found me on my blog; even though I do not advertise myself as much.
    Cities are beautiful and haunting just the same. It is an honor you have considered my work worthy.

  3. Thanks Chelsea!!!
    Love your blog BTW