Tuesday, December 15, 2009


  During  most of my life, my hands have been the least appreciated part of my body. They were always too stubby and non feminine enough, my nails have always been very frail, short bedded, lots of ridges etc,etc. always being the focal point of the the never-ending stupid self criticism, in order to achieve the beauty cannon of goddesses and such. To make matters worse, with age they are showing their veins more than I would prefer; and there you  have it, the psychological results: eternal envy to the slender and long elegant fingers of the majority of the female population, just ridiculous on my part really. I even  took it to the next level, married a person with beautiful hands I adore, just to allow myself to have that longed view on a daily basis; trying to compensate.
 However, I discovered with time that, regardless of the lack of aesthetics they were amazing...whenever I really concentrated they could carry my commands beautifully; and realized that the reason I was not good enough on doing things wasn't because of my hands; it was the absence of  my mind to direct them.
  Well, little by little I decided to try them on anything, cooking, writing, drawing, loving, photography, make up, caring...and they have responded quite well, sometimes with top notch precision and quality.
  My hands are pretty much the carbon copy of  my grandmother's, a woman that could carry the world on her shoulders without having the education tools. She made my whole family what they are, all well educated people facing the future. Her hands were the instrument she used to keep everybody on the right track, and on the right track they were and stayed (imagen that, a 5 feet tall lady with 8 kids , 5 of them boys nonetheless, that requires some spherics). Her accomplishments are the type which nobody hears about,like with the majority of our grandmothers, but those achievements are always present, her integrity goes far and beyond of what I can even think of.
  Now, I look at my own hands,and  realize that I cannot feel any more gifted to have the hands that I possess by genetic default, It is an honor for me that they resemblance her strength, her memory in me, they just make me aware of who I am and how much I owe to her in the distance.


  1. I think your hands have found their destiny. At least they are doing what they are supposed to do. So far they have become your best tool for all the passion you put in all your work. Two thumbs up to them! haha....

  2. Merci, Sandra..
    Very nice comment, it encourages me to go on...