Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let me start by saying

I didn't fall from the face of the earth; I just needed to retrieve and roll with things for a little while.
And to be quite honest it has been fantastic, it has made me pause, and rethink and make me work on a deeper level, that and the facts that I have also dedicated a little bit of my time to some commissions along the way...
Which has helped me to gain more resources...and branched out with some other things, like a little Holga...there are really good news that I can share; two are for certain and one still awaiting confirmation, but I will leave that for a subsequent post...

 Today I am just posting a fun commission I got back in May, It was a Fashion show I covered, but what I liked the most were the backstage pics I got. It was FUN, and that is how I processed them.

Thanks for the people who kept on hanging in there.


  1. Well welcome back! Everyone needs to recharge their batteries once in a while, it's cool! These pictures are stunning. I love how you capture moments in the hustle bustle of a fashion show where I doubt they even knew they were being photographed. Beautiful! =)

  2. Thanks my dear!!!!

    And you got it right they were so stressed trying to get all done before the show, That I completely disappeared...

    Glad you liked them