Friday, September 17, 2010

Atlanta Celebrates Photography and The first Lecture-Norman Seeff

Well, It has officially started; the month long Photography Festival in the City of Atlanta, and my first experience was Fantastic.

 Last night I attended a Lecture by South African Photographer and Film Maker Norman Seeff,  my expectations were very simplistic, hear this guy talking about how He worked with people like Martin Scorsese, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, etc.and expected to see several impressive stills of such work.

Well, as it turned out, Mr. Seeff has spent his life documenting the very important process of Creativity with most of the artist he has had the opportunity to work with, and he also recorded the creative process of the the team that landed the first Rover on Mars back in 2006. His ideas about the Creative process and how humanity is bound to come up with  a new paradigm within our society thorough creativity to solve problems, is very interesting.

The portion of the documentary films which were shown last night  included interviews with people like Sheryl Crow,Alicia Keys, Ray Charles etc; as well as personal interviews with some of the scientist and engineer involved in MER. His documentaries leave you feeling motivated, inspired, and for sure make you see that your personal creative process might not be that different from the people on the films. It was just a wonderful feeling. I Left the High Museum of Art with a very emotional take on what humans can accomplish with imagination.

  And like I said this is the first event for the Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival; so People who live in Atlanta; or are visiting Atlanta from now until the end of October please visit the ACP website link I provide at the end, and check out all of the exhibits, lectures and street art projects, it is worth it. Hope to see you around!!!

Atlanta Celebrates Photography
Norman Seeff Website
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