Monday, September 20, 2010

Inside, Outside and on Top of Containers

 Containers usage and a land in void  between two Atlanta Downtown neighborhoods, was the main idea behind the temporary multimedia-multi artists installation called Convergent Frequencies, brought to the people by the I45 collective push, which includes the efforts of several Atlanta galleries in the area of Inman Park, the Old Fourth Ward and Little Five Points.

  The atmosphere was fantastic, the music performed in sync with the video installation was under my perception, the greatest piece of the whole thing; the two string musicians playing over Electronic Atmospheric waves in the likes of  Robert Rich's Undulating Terrain and with the warm breeze blowing in mid September, made you relax and enjoy the crowd.

  It was so subjugating that I was able to walk around calmly with tripod and camera, and no rush to take the pics, the only agitating thing around were the few kids in the crowd running in the lot, and screaming- Awesome!! when any of the performance ended.

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