Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playground as a Statement

In the middle of a City Vacuum, siting on a pad of green, 
this playground resemblance Stonehenge more than a friendly area for small/big curiosity entities to explore.
As an architect and Art enthusiast I can read its statement.
As a mother I cannot  comprehend its functionality as the concrete heats up in a hot sunny day.


  1. Aix, where is this? And the link you sent me about that amazing prefab in Yucca Valley? We saw links to it somewhere a few weeks ago and couldn't get over it- SO COOL. Thanks for sending that link! I'm trying to figure out where it is out here. I'm really into a St. Paul firm that makes the weeHouse- check those out, too!


  2. Hey,Lily!!

    This is located barely east of Downtown Atlanta, in a little community called Cabbage Town, The area is being revived and most of the houses were built in the late 1800's early 1900. It used to be red zone, but it has become safe lately. But this playground blew my mind, sitting lonely with its International Style among all the somewhat Southern-Louisiana style.

  3. And I am glad you liked the link; I Find the Weehouses incredibly practical,functional and stylish.