Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgotten Items...

  As I advance deeper into my commercial trait as a photographer; I have experienced a major visual crisis regarding my art photography; I am avidly following several photographers, I keep on reading thousand of blogs; look at a vast amount of competition winners, the more I do all of that; the more I crave on keep on moving forward; that is the positive aspect of it; also the more I do it; the more I get confused about what I am doing...It doesn't make any sense, does it?

  I have no idea if the rest of the photographers out there ever experience this type of feeling but it is not a pleasant one; so to start fresh I retrieved myself from any reading, from any visual influence, from any deep talk about photography, I decided to drive around and start visiting places; I did this solely on my own, no husband, no friends to come along; just me and my camera; I am starting to jump walls, trespassing and all those type of things..and always coming back home filthy...

  The results are coming along not on a grandeur scale ; and I still feel I am not quite there just yet; I guess I have been bombarding myself with a lot and it is hard to purge the system; above all I am trying to go back  and enjoying  taking pictures. My major struggle is the color processing but hey!! I will keep on trying; I am hopeful that I can develop my full, wholesome self within the images.

  Among all the things and places that I have photographed the last 2 weeks it caught my attention the variety of items are being left behind; so I dedicate this post to them in remembrance on what has been my forgotten item lately, to enjoy photography.

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