Monday, October 19, 2009

The Why and How of Designing With the Light....

  It is believed that  the word photography comes from the Greek words φωτο -light- and γραφία-writing or designing- ref. Wikipedia; therefore I have named my blog designing with light; since at this point in my life, my efforts are being funneled to the field of photography. When I think deeply about this occurrence; I realized that I am purposely within my heart searching for that aspect with my work; really looking on how to design with the light. 
 Of course I can take images that are extremely realistic, pristine and sharp; this is part of the road you undertake as a photographer. But with me; I have the horrible virtue of being in constant curiosity on how to do things a little bit different...on how to represent an idea from within my brain;or a concept more than a fact....
 My training in photography started in Black and White Film and Darkroom mode; about 7 years ago; I did this drawn to a field that has always interested me; but was never able to explore. At that point my technical knowledge of handling a camera was close to 0%; It has been a long and windy road. fast forward 7 years and I feel that perhaps I am on to a 75% of control of the camera.

   I got my camera as a gift, the weapon of mass instruction I use is a wonderful Olympus E-510, yes I know; it is not a Nikon, or a Cannon; but let me tell you; this is a mean machine; very versatile, shutter is quick; great resolution; extremely easy menu. The only problem I had in the beginning is a system called Image Stabilization; which prevent a blurred shot; however, when you are in a low light atmosphere; then it does not let your camera perform as it should. I even had to contact Olympus; once they gave me a run down on the issue, I was a free bird.

Along with this instrument I got; what I call a new way to look at color and texture lens, the lens is no other than the Zuiko Digital ED 14-54 F2.8-3.5 II; what can I tell you?; This lens has been the transfer tool of ideas from my mind and eyes into images. It absorbs light, color, and texture as a sponge does water. I can tell you that Olympus might not be famous for their cameras (they are working hard on it) but their lenses, oh my, their lenses are extremely famous, and I can see why; I can recognize Cannon and Nikon lens images; extremely sharp and very crisp; but an Olympus lenses images have a particular personality on how they can perform, you can feel texture coming at you (specially fabrics), the colors are vibrant and true to reality and once you understand which aperture is the best one for your lens, you will obtain the same sharpness of Nikon or Cannon. My lens is just a beauty. 
  Remember the designing with light idea; well; ever since I can remember I have not liked the effects of a flash on incidental photography; I digest it better when I shoot events, or things of that sort (I only use bouncing) but other than that; I use no flash with my camera; then how can I achieve nocturnal or indoor shots? well, my beauty does its job, and of course slow speed and wide aperture...the results? creative and wonderfully interesting pictures...
 Speaking of working with low light listen to this song and specially watch the video. Superb!!!
 Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (HD).


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