Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ImageMaker National Photography Competition

As part of being a Fine Art Photographer in the Atlanta Area, I had the wonderful opportunity of being invited to be one of the Judges (in a panel of 3) for a National Photography Competition for the Boys and Girls Club of America, which included images submitted  from all 50 States plus all Military Installation across the world.
It was an eye opening experience due to the incredible amount of good work being produced by kids 6-9, 10-12,13-15 and 16 and up, specially in the Alternative process category. There were kids working on Film, Photograms, Lumen Prints, etc. Something I found to be very inspirational, since this type of techniques are still being taught at this level of learning. The only downside on this was that only one winner could be chosen on each one of the categories, making the decision excruciatingly hard. (All the the Judges made sure that all the runners up would get a note for encouragement). The winners will participate on a travelling exhibition across the US.
Results for all the winners will be posted here very soon .

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