Thursday, March 17, 2011


The tragedy in Japan has touched so many lives,The earthquake, the subsequent tsunami and the eminent danger of a nuclear disaster makes things even more dire by the minute. The need for donations and support is increasing as the days go by; there are several organization that are taking even the smallest of donations that will be directed for relief efforts, some of those links are below:
Red Cross
Habitat for Humanity

It is an honor for me to belong to a community which in the last week has shown what can be done when compassion and caring are the engines that propel the motion of helping. Several photographers based donations and online and live auction efforts are up and running. Donations from photographers throughout the world are pouring in, and it gives me a warm feeling, that even in the darkest of circumstances there is always a better nature within us that make us do selfless deed.

Below you can check some of the links I am aware of, which are photographic community related trying to raise some money one way or another, so if you feel in the spirit of getting a good print by superb photographers this is the opportunity you were waiting for. In most cases 100% of the proceeds will go towards a verifiable organization working on the Japan relief efforts.
.wall-space gallery.

On my neck of the woods, there would be a live silent auction this coming Saturday at The Jennifer Schwarz Gallery in Atlanta, all works were 100% donated by photographers from the US and around the world. you can also place absentee bids by e-mailing, from 11 am to 5pm EST.
The link for the images involved on the silent live auction is here LIFE-SUPPORT JAPAN AUCTION

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