Thursday, November 4, 2010

Charlie Smith and The Art of Such n' Such.

 Eyedrum has been an artist venue in Atlanta since 1998. It has a very active schedule throughout the year that showcases Photography, Sculpture, Painting, experimental film and any type of performance Arts, It supports the Atlanta artistic community as much as they possibly can.
 .As I attended an experimental film screening last week,  in one of their galleries, I found this great exhibit called "The Art of Such n' Such".  It is a mixture of Photography, Painting and interactive Sculptures. A fantastic multi artist collaboration led by Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet.
As a viewer, just by stepping into the space I got delighted, the atmosphere was such of an old time circus, or better yet, a side show; elements that I have always loved since childhood.  There are peekaboo boxes (To satisfy the one eye curious), an interactive sound-coordinated-light-looking-like-gramophone or (something like it) that changes colors and lights while you clap and an  incredible array of metal sculptures that you can literally play with. Well, these metal structures are built by Charlie Smith, They are amazing!!!, well made and with a fantastic sense of design and craftsmanship. However, that is not the best. He produces big scale public art pieces that you can experience even as a livable space, and he ignites them with fire (photographs of these occurrences are displayed on the walls). He has taken these installations to several parts of the US, Australia and South Africa.
  Well, needless to say  I wanted to experience the whole thing, and of course I had to ask  the Eyedrum staff if by chance any performance of such exhibit will happen in the near future. Their answer was" there was an opening party on October 9th, but there will be a closing party on November 12th, and that also includes other performers like fire breathers and such".
Join then the amazing people of "The Art of Such n' Such" to have a wonderful time at Eyedrum on November12th from the hours of 7:00 pm to 1:00 am. I know it will be a wonderful experience.

I am posting here a few pics I got from a broad daylight visit to Eyedrum+some pics that come from Charlie Smith Website. You can also visit an alternative website at
                                                          © Charlie Smith Studio
                                                 Praying Dragon by Ryan Matherns
                                                                                                © Charlie Smith Studio

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