Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blur Magazine is an amazing  Free PDF Format-Photography magazine that got started in Croatia in 2007, the array of photographers who are being showcased is just fantastic, you can see a lot of unknown and upcoming  photographers, along side mid level career or very well known ones (from all over the world).

Their focus is on Art , so the medium within photography extends to whatever realm this might take it, from Wet Plate, Lomography, Lo-Fi, to highly digital or Polaroid; you name it; is there. It is visually engaging and  with  lots of variety, and since there is a multi country based editing team, the samples reflects the view not from just one spectrum of what Fine Art Photography should look like. It is one of the Internet Based Publication that I have enjoyed the most lately.

Their submission process is also free to any photographer with interest in photography as a form of art, you can either enter 2 images or a whole project, they publish their issues on a quarterly basis, so it might be a little late to be considered for their Summer Issue but anybody for sure can try already for their Autumn one. Good Luck to anybody who submits.

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