Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Duplicating Myself?....

 Expressions of different self(s), it was all about that. Very interesting shades of feelings. It opened wide, like a crack in the middle of the desert when it has not rain for decades. Somebody called it scary, another person called it egocentric;  I thought it was delightful. Creating reactions, was on top of it very entertaining.I really enjoyed the road trip all the way to the end.

   I heard a theory; one that says " you can duplicate yourself to have others perform your tasks" (?) Can you also clone all your emotions? Was that for real? Amazingly enough, there are people in this world who live by that creed.

This image belongs to an Art Submission on July 2009. There were three images submitted. I will post them one by one. One got selected for a Self Portrait Show. This one is called Untrue; or is it?

  Soundtrack Hysteria by Muse


  1. good blog... me pasere por aki ;)

  2. Os espero de nuevo con la taza de cafe en mano. Gracias totales por el comentario.